The Adoption Journey of John & Zolla Michalak


Thanks so much for visiting Prayers For A Child, the website that details our journey towards finding the child we’ve always been praying for through the gift of adoption.

The best way to learn more about our desire to adopt a child and how you might help us complete our journey is to read the different pages we’ve set up and go from there.

Please visit the following pages:

  • OUR JOURNEY – The story of our desire for children, the sorrow we’ve faced through infertility, and our belief that God will answer our prayers for a child through the gift of adoption.
  • ABOUT US – Details about who we are: our biography and background, our location, lifestyle, our health and financial stability.
  • PLACING YOUR CHILD – Part of our prayers for a child are that, through this website, perhaps a birth mother who is considering whether to place her child with a loving family for adoption will find us online. If that’s you, please visit this page to find encouragement and support for your own journey, whether it ever involves us receiving your child or not.
  • SUPPORT US – Up till now, our adoption journey has been a lonely one. But, we realize that we can never complete it without your help: we need your prayers, your wisdom & knowledge, your help spreading the word online, and your financial support. Please visit this page to join us in community along our road to adoption.
  • CONTACT US – If you are an interested birth mother or someone who wants to ask questions or offer us encouragement, advice, or other support, please contact us here.

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